3 thoughts on “Jotasync 0.2.5”

  1. Hi Patrik,

    seems to me, that the option –exclude-from doesn’t work correctly, although the command runs correct from commandline. Calling the task from inside jotasync always starts at the location (/usr/bin) where I put my startscript. Each dry-run shows me thousands of files instead the ones defined in the start command. Without the –exclude-from it works fine!

    I’m using arch linux with jotasync 0.2.5. “myexclude” contains just one line with a directoryname.

    rsync –dry-run –archive –verbose –ignore-existing –exclude-from=/home/ulf/tmp/testsource/myexclude /home/ulf/tmp/testsource /home/ulf/tmp/testdestination

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